Long-term Operations and Management (PFI/PPP)

Facilities maintained and operated as a PFI project

In addition to our conventional AOM business for waste treatment facilities, Hitachi Zosen is developing a long-term operation business that offers total contracting to local governments, from design and construction to long-term management of operation and maintenance. Since the enactment of the Act on Promotion of Private Finance Initiative (PFI Act) in 1998, we have started to work on PFI projects. Our active work on PFI and PPP (Public-Private Partnership) projects for waste treatment facilities continues until the present.

Hitachi Zosen has accumulated technical capabilities and know-how for providing solutions throughout the entire range of business including construction/operation, financing, and a wide range of services. As a broad scope of business development, we provide multifaceted value and services such as achieving effective use of residual heat generated by incineration, buying and selling of generated electricity as renewable energy, provision of environmental education, and strengthening of regional disaster prevention functions.

Major products

Total Operation and Management System

Hitachi Zosen collects, manages, and utilizes various types of operation data, including image data of waste incineration power generation facilities from ITV cameras, etc. We use this data to provide remote support to on-site operators.

From the 2018 fiscal year, we have engaged in dual-monitoring of alarms and data analysis from varied perspectives at the ROC (Remote monitoring Operation support Center) set up in the Hitz Advanced Technology Center (A.I/TEC). We will strive to improve reliability with a view to dependable execution, security, and stability in the operation of waste treatment facilities. Various data collected at the ROC can be used for on-site technical support by design engineers and feedback data for facility construction planning and design. In this way, the ROC also functions as an information center.

Facility lifespan extension: Optimization of operation, maintenance, and repair

Hitachi Zosen developed the maintenance information network (Maintenance intelligence network) as an initiative to extend the lifespan of facilities and to optimize operation, maintenance, and repair. Through this system, we can digitize maintenance data and collect detailed data that is not personalized. Then, by analyzing the collected data, it can be reflected in an appropriate maintenance plan and lifespan extension plan.


52 projects involving long-term operation (as of February 2021)

  • 4 projects involving the PFI method
  • 23 projects involving the DBO method
  • 25 projects involving long-term comprehensive management methods

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