AOM Business (After-sales Service, Operation and Maintenance) for Environment Plants

Hitachi Zosen has delivered a large number of refuse incineration facilities and recycling facilities. Furthermore, we have developed an after-sales service business, operation management business, and chemical sales business which enable our customers to maintain these facilities and continue stable and safe operation.

Currently, we have a record of providing after-sales services at more than 210 facilities and operation outsourcing services at more than 70 facilities (including recycling facilities). To ensure that our facilities and equipment can constantly perform at their peak level, we provide various service activities by expert engineers and operation management by highly-skilled operators.

In recent years, against background factors such as tight local finances of municipal governments and reduction of environmental load (countermeasures against global warming), there are heightened needs for long-term use and lifespan extension. These needs range from maintenance/repair for maintaining conventional functions to renewal of facilities by incorporating the latest technology. Hitachi Zosen actively works to achieve long-term use and lifespan extension by satisfying the basic concepts of long-term stability, economy, environmental performance, and energy saving, and reviving facilities so that they are able to contribute to the formation of a recycling-oriented society.

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