Top Message

Representative Director President & Chief Executive Officer Sadao Mino

May I begin by sincerely thanking you for your continued support, and wishing for a future of shared success and prosperity.
In 1881, when Japan was undergoing the upheaval of the modernizing Meiji era, our company’s founder, Edward Hazlett Hunter, set about creating what the times demanded, drawing on his challenger spirit and the support by his partners. Since then, our predecessors in the Group, who inherited Hunter’s ideal of “improving society”, have contributed to resolving social problems, which have changed over time.

We have recently launched a new management plan consisting of the our group philosophy “Hitz Value”, our “Sustainable Vision”, which encompasses our sustainability goals until 2050, and our long-term strategy until 2030, “2030 Vision”. The newly formulated Sustainable Vision, which is our aspiration for 2050, identifies “seven pillars of success” (materiality) with the goals of “realizing a zero environmental impact” and “maximizing peopleʼs well-being”.
In addition, as a milestone towards realizing the Sustainable Vision, we have reviewed our long-term vision "2030 Vision", which outlines the figures we aim to achieve in 2030. Based on these factors, we have developed the three-year medium-term management plan “Forward 25”, starting in FY2023, to ensure sustainable growth of existing businesses, creation and expansion of growth businesses, and promotion of sustainable management.

We will continue to take on the challenge of becoming a "solution partner for realizing sustainable, safe and secure society" and that provides solutions to the challenges faced by our customers.
We look forward to your continued support and collaboration.