Top Message

Representative Director President & Chief Executive Officer Sadao Mino

May I begin by sincerely thanking you for your support, and wishing for a future of shared success and prosperity.
In 1881, when Japan was undergoing the upheaval of the modernizing Meiji era, our company’s founder, Edward Hazlett Hunter, set about creating what the times demanded, drawing on the challenger spirit and the strengths of his partners. Our predecessors in the Group inherited Hunter’s ideal of making society a better place, and contributed to the resolution of social problems, which change with the times.

140 years have passed since the founding of the company, and the Group must tackle problems of a global scale by way, for example, of its SDGs for 2030 and its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.
The challenges are ongoing, and we continue to work in the fields of provision of clean energy and water, and environmental protection and creation of prosperous, disaster-resilient cities as a solutions partner contributing to the realization of a sustainable, safe and secure society and brings resolution to customers’ issues.
To this end, we draw on our founder’s “challenger spirit” and the corporate philosophy of creating value useful to society with technology and sincerity to contribute to a prosperous future.
We look forward to your continued support and guidance.