Eco-agriculture Systems

We are engaged in the eco-agriculture business based on environmental technology that we have cultivated through many years of development, design, and operation of waste treatment facilities.

The eco-agriculture business is an environmental conservation business related to the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industry. The business consists of the following three fields.

  1. 1Resource circulation
  2. 2Energy
  3. 3Waste

Japan's agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industry is about to reach a major turning point due to overseas competition and aging workers. Consequently, technological innovation is needed. Hitachi Zosen aims to create new businesses to support the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industry in terms of the environment.

EFCaR® system

Major products

Eco-agriculture solutions

  1. 1Resource reuse and recycling
    • Turning seaweed into livestock feed (adding value to seaweed that obstructs shipping lanes)
  2. 2Environmental rehabilitation
    • Soil contamination studies
  3. 3Energy
    • Turning biomass into fertilizer (small-scale distributed systems for remote islands and in regional areas)
  4. 4Waste
    • Extracting usable resources from livestock waste


Achievements to date

Extracting usable resources from pig manure
  • At the 10th Japan-China Comprehensive Forum on Environmental Cooperation in 2016, Hitachi Zosen participated in a cooperative project related to useful resource recovery technology from livestock waste.
  • Technology for recovery of useful resources from livestock waste was adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the "FY2010 Research and development projects for application in promoting new policy of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries" and the "FY2013 Research and development: science technology research promotion program for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food industry."

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