Hitz CSR

Management Policy Structure

Hitz Value

We create value useful to society with technology and integrity
to contribute to a prosperous future.
Our Management
Making safety the first priority
We give top priority to safety in all business activities.
Coexistence with society
We value coexistence with all stakeholders, including enhancing employee satisfaction, and live up to their trust.
Thorough implementation of compliance
We comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations, and respect social conventions and culture.
Always pursuing quality
We are always aware of the improvement of technology and pursue quality that satisfies our customers.
Standards of
Business Behavior
  • Strive boldly to achieve success
  • Communicate with sincerity
  • Learn broadly, think deeply

Sustainable Management

1.Basic Policy

Recognizing that the sustainability promotion is the practice itself of Hitz Value, Hitachi Zosen Group will continue to implement various measures related to the sustainability promotion to acquire new business opportunities and to grow sustainably.

1 March 2022

2.Sustainable Vision

Hitachi Zosen Group's corporate philosophy is to “create value useful to society with technology and integrity to contribute to a prosperous future.”
We make it our mission to “take on the challenge, through the power of technology, to create a world that lives in balance with nature.” That is, we seek to contribute to the resolution of various social issues through our business activities toward realizing a sustainable society. And to this end, we spare no effort to pursue innovation.

Sustainable Vision
  • Realize zero environmental impact
  • Maximize peopleʼs well-being

3.Seven Pillars of Success (Materiality)

Of the risks and opportunities that could impact the sustainability of the Hitachi Zosen Group’s business model and the execution of our strategies over the medium to long term, in 2020 we identified especially important items as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Later, amid a global increase in the significance of sustainability, in 2022 we carried out a review, also taking into consideration the changing megatrends in the external environment that could impact the Hitachi Zosen Group’s business as well as our plans to formulate a new Sustainable Vision. Materiality represents the elements essential for realizing our Sustainable Vision—what we call the “Seven Pillars of Success.”

  • Carbon neutrality
  • Complete circulation of resources
  • Maximization of environmentʼs recovery power
  • Response to intensifying natural disasters
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Maximization of well‐being of people
  • Enhancement of corporate governance

Third Party Opinion Report[PDF:496KB]

Engagement in the SDGs

“We create value useful to society with technology and integrity to contribute to a prosperous future”-under this corporate philosophy, and with an understanding of the Hitz Value, all employees of the Hitachi Zosen Group practice business activities that contribute to the sustainable development of society and aim for the long-term enhancement of our corporate value.


Hitachi Zosen Group activities contributing to the SDGs

ESG Initiatives