1881 ~ Osaka Iron Works (proprietorship, the predecessor of Hitachi Zosen) era

Osaka Iron Works at the time of its founding
Osaka Iron Works at the time of its founding


  • E.H. Hunter, of Northern Ireland, founded the Osaka Iron Works (proprietorship) on the Ajikawa riverbank, Osaka.


  • The Hatsu Maru (14GT wooden ship), the first new ship, is constructed.


  • Kumagawa Maru, Japan's first steel-hulled ship, is built for Osaka Shosen (now Mitsui O.S.K. Lines).


  • Sakurajima Works starts operations (relocated to the Ariake Machinery Works in September 1997).


  • Japan's first Western-style whaling ship, the No. 2 Hogei Maru, is constructed.
  • Tokyo liaison office is opened.


  • Japan's first tanker, the Tora Maru constructed.


  • Innoshima Works starts operations.

1914 ~ Old Osaka Iron Works Ltd. era

Headquarters around 1916(Nishi-ku, Osaka)
Headquarters around 1916(Nishi-ku, Osaka)


  • Osaka Iron Works is reorganized as a joint-stock company.


  • Chikkou Works starts operations.


  • Dojima Ohashi, an arch bridge, and other structures are completed in succession for the municipal government of Osaka.


  • The Heiyo Maru and Heian Maru large-scale cargo and passenger ships for Nippon Yusen K.K. are constructed (these ships established a new record for river launches in Japan).

1934 ~ New Osaka Iron Works Ltd. era


  • The company makes a new start as Osaka Iron Works incorporated (marking the incorporation of the current Hitachi Zosen Corporation) .


  • Osaka Tekko, a technical journal, is inaugurated.

1943 ~ As Hitachi Zosen Corporation

Headquarters around 1939 (Hitachi building, Minami-ku, Osaka)
Headquarters around 1939 (Hitachi building, Minami-ku, Osaka)


  • The name is changed to Hitachi Zosen Corporation.
  • Mukaishima Works starts operations.


  • Kanagawa Works starts operations.


  • Hitachi Zosen Technical Review is inaugurated.


  • Technical Research Institute is opened.
  • The first whaling ship is constructed for Norway following World War II as a result of government trade.


  • A technological tie-up for B&W-type diesel engines is concluded.


  • The first B&W marine diesel engine is completed.


  • Offices are opened in London and New York.


  • A technological tie-up is concluded with Von Roll Environmental Technology Ltd. of Switzerland for a De Roll type refuse incineration plant.


  • A De Roll-type refuse incineration plant is completed for the municipal government of Osaka (the first mechanical incineration plant with power generation facility manufactured in Japan).
  • Sakai Works starts operations.
Headquarters around 1965(Nishi-ku, Osaka)


  • Sakurajima Works restarted as a specialized plant for land machinery.


  • A number of orders are completed for De Roll-type refuse incineration plants for Tokyo Metropolis.


  • Maizuru Works starts operations.


  • Ariake Works starts operations.


  • Construction is completed for a 500,000-ton tanker for Esso.


  • Ariake Land Machinery Works starts operations.


  • Hitachi Zosen celebrates its 100th anniversary.


  • The world's first multiple-face shield tunneling machine is completed.


  • Construction of ultra-large steel mill plants is completed for Baoshan Iron and Steel of China and Sicartsa Steel Mill in Mexico
Headquarters around 1990(Konohana-ku, Osaka)


  • Ibaraki Works starts operations.


  • Construction of Japan's first double-hull VLCC is completed.
  • Sakai Works starts operation as a specialized plant for steel structures.
  • Slurry-shield tunnel boring machine (with one of the world's largest diameters of 14.14m) is produced.


  • The world's first triple-face shield tunneling machine is completed.


  • A refuse incineration plant for the Clean Association of Eastern Saitama District receives MITI (now METI) Minister prize for excellent environmental equipment.
  • Electric power supply business is inaugurated.
  • Japan's first super refuse-fired power generation plant comes on stream.


  • An order is received for the world's first fifth-generation semisub rig.
  • Sakurajima Works is closed, and facilities are transferred to Ariake Works; Ariake Machinery Works starts operations.
  • The world's largest B&W marine diesel engine (74,640 hp) at the time is completed.


  • An order is received for the No.1 gasification melting furnace.
  • Yumemai Ohashi, the world's first floating swing bridge is constructed.
  • 8,000 hours of continuous operations are achieved by refuse incineration plant delivered for Taiwan.


  • A large-scale desalination plant is constructed in Saudi Arabia.

2002 ~ Newborn "Hitz" Hitachi Zosen

The current head office (Suminoe-ku, Osaka)
The current head office (Suminoe-ku, Osaka)


  • The Basic Agreement on Consolidation of Shipbuilding Operations is concluded with NKK Corp (now JFE Steel Corporation).
  • The shipbuilding operation is transferred to Universal Shipbuilding Corporation on October 1.
  • The Hitz brand name goes into use as of October 1.
  • HEC Corporation is acquired.


  • The world's most advanced electronic controll marine engine for large vessels is produced.
  • A desalination plant is constructed for Oman.


  • Kyoto Municipal Waste Edible Oil Fuel Production Facility is completed with the greatest manufacturing capacity in Japan.


  • Refuse incineration plant is constructed for Odate City (the first intermediate processing operation of municipal refuse in Japan under PFI legislation).


  • A desalination plant is constructed in Abu Dhabi.


  • One of Japan's largest gasification melting furnace is completed for Toyoda City.


  • A new factory is constructed in Sakai Works for extension of industrial machinery and shield tunneling machinery production.


  • Ten Group companies are absorbed.
  • Completed a new plant for manufacture of medium-sized diesel engines at Ariake Works.
  • Launched a joint venture in China for manufacture of marine diesel engines.


  • Launched a joint venture in China for manufacture of marine deck machinery.
  • Acquired European refuse incineration plant maker(current name: Hitachi Zosen Inova AG).


  • Hitachi Zosen celebrates its 130th anniversary.
  • Establishes local subsidiary in India.
  • Vessel put into service employing world's first selective catalytic reduction (SCR) NOx removal system for marine engines compliant with IMO Tier III NOx emission standards.


  • Established a joint-venture manufacturer of process equipment in India.
  • Precision Machinery Center is completed.
  • Shield tunneling machine with world's largest diameter, at 17.45 m, is completed for Seattle, Washington


  • Acquired all shares of U.S.-based NAC International Inc.
  • Established local subsidiary in Myanmar.


  • Established local subsidiary in Indonesia.
  • Daiki Ataka Engineering Co.,Ltd is acquired.
  • SCR system for marine engines received world's first FTA approval.


  • Company expands into retail electricity market as power producer and supplier (PPS) with power produced from renewable energy.
  • Omonogawa Wind Power Station is completed, starts operations under Omonogawa Wind Power Co., Ltd.


  • Acquired shares of "Osmoflo Group".
  • Long-term Hitz 2030 Vision and medium-term management plan Change & Growth start.
  • Established local subsidiary in Thailand.


  • Company becomes Japan's first issuer in manufacturing industry of Hitachi Zosen Green Bonds.
  • Joint-venture company aimed at expanding our service business in China is formed.
  • Hitz Advanced Information Technology Center (A.I/TEC) starts operations.
  • Completion of Phase 1 construction ,the world largest WtE Plant in Changsha China.


  • The New Medium-term Management Plan "Foward 22" started.
  • Completed Japan's first undersea installation type flap gate type floodgate installation work for Iwate Prefecture.


  • Hitachi Zosen celebrates its 140th anniversary.
  • 'PtG Square' starts operations in the Chikko Works.
  • Established Underground Infrastructure Technologies Corporation (UGITEC), a joint venture with Kawasaki Heavy Industries for the shild machine business.


  • Hitachi Zosen Inova AG acquires shares in Steinmüller Babcock Environment Group and makes it a subsidiary.
  • Selected as a DX Certified Operator by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  • Signing of the UN Global Compact.


  • The New Medium-term management plan "Forward 25" start.
  • Established Hitachi Zosen Marine Engine Co., Ltd.

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