Methane Fermentation Systems

By using methane fermentation and biogas conversion for organic refuse such as kitchen refuse, pruned branches, paper, human waste, septic tank sludge, and waste cooking oil, the refuse can be used as renewable energy.

What is methane fermentation gas power generation?

Hitachi Zosen possesses two types of methane fermentation treatment systems: a wet system and a dry system. Therefore, we can propose various patterns depending on the type of refuse.

Major products

"Hitz Kompogas System"

This system converts solid organic waste such as food waste, pruned branches, and paper into biogas by methane fermentation. Biomass raw materials can be sorted and energy recovered from combustible waste using pretreatment equipment.

  1. 1Converts raw garbage into biomass and fermentation residue into compost simultaneously.
  2. 2Accredited by the Japan Waste Management Association in 2001 as a waste methane fermentation system in line with technical inspection and verification procedures.
  3. 3Biomass-derived biogas represents a renewable energy source that reduces CO2 emissions.

"Mebius System"

Mebius collects energy both from night soil and septic tank sludge, and from high-concentration organic waste such as kitchen garbage.
Combining night soil treatment technology with methane fermentation technology, the system efficiently facilitates a sound material cycle.

"WTM System"

The WTM is a highly efficient, compact system that puts organic waste such as kitchen garbage and food waste through high-speed methane fermentation without the need for dilution water.

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