CSR Procurement

Our approach to CSR procurement

The Hitachi Zosen Group has established the "Hitz Value," "SDGs Basic Guidelines," and "Basic Policy on the Environment." In addition to improving the quality of products and services in our conventional business activities, we are working to improve the overall quality of management, including corporate social responsibility (CSR). In procurement activities as well, we have established "basic purchasing guidelines" that include fair and impartial transactions, legal compliance, and promotion of environmental protection, and we cooperate over a wide range of issues with our business partners to improve CSR in the entire supply chain (CSR procurement). We request that our business partners gain a renewed understanding of our policy and support its intent.
In addition to quality, price, and delivery lead time, Procurement department evaluates and selects business partners proactively which are engaged in pro-CSR business activities, and business partners which can continuously improve by building a CSR management system.

Request to business partners

1. Survey on CSR implementation

In order to promote supply chain CSR, We confirm and evaluate our business partners' status of implementation of CSR through CSR procurement surveys annually. In addition, we will provide feedback after compiling the survey results, so please use it to help build your company's CSR management system.
In addition, a SAQ (Self Assessment Questionnaire) created by the United Nations Global Compact Network Japan Supply Chain Subcommittee, an international organization concerned with SDGs, has been adopted for this survey to cover overall CSR and get a global response to the survey.

2. Disclosure of CSR information

As the world's interest in CSR grows, we are subjected to various CSR survey from Japanese and international customers. As a member of the supply chain, we may ask for your cooperation in appropriate information disclosure.

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