Environment Policy

Our corporate philosophy is "We create value useful to society with technology and integrity to contribute to a prosperous future."
We have stated our management stance as "Making safety the first priority", "Thorough implementation of compliance", "Coexistence with society", "Always pursuing quality".

As part of management action to realize this corporate philosophy and to put our management stance into practice in concrete form, we have constructed our ISO14001 management system, and set up our "Environment Policy" following consultation of business activity.
※All works and major business divisions in Japan, 8 companies in Japan and 3 overseas companies within our group have obtained certification for ISO14001 as of FY2022.
 The coverage ratio is 62%, based on the sales of the group companies included in the scope of disclosure to consolidated sales.

  1. 1Regarding our company products, service and business activity, we try to improve environmental load-reducing and improve global environmental protection.
  2. 2Observe statutory and regulatory requirements, agreements and the other requirements that the organization has agreed to and also our company's self-imposed controls.
  3. 3Set environmental objectives, and environmental targets for the year (an environment management program), and make a continuous commitment to reducing burden on the environment and preventing environmental pollution.
  4. 4Review regularly, make continuing improvements and maintain operations of Environment Management Systems effectively.

April 1 2023