Healthcare Management

[Hitachi Zosen employees doing morning exercises]
Hitz Hitachi Zosen Group Declaration on Health Management

Health management means to maintain and improve the health of employees based on the corporate vision. This vitalizes the organization for example by increasing employee vitality and productivity, and leads to improved business performance and increased corporate value.
For the Hitz Hitachi Zosen Group to continue to achieve sustainable growth and create value for society, we declare that we will address health management as follows.

  • We support employee efforts to independently maintain and improve their health.
  • We will create a safe and secure work environment and improve the job satisfaction of employees.
  • We will advance the creation of an environment in which each employee is physically and mentally healthy and where everyone can maximize their potential.

Sadao Mino, President and CEO of Hitachi Zosen Corporation

1. What does Hitz Hitachi Zosen Group mean by health management?

The Group's efforts to maintain and improve the health of its employees are essential for the Group to remain a highly profitable company that creates value for society over the long term. We are promoting health management based on the idea that this investment will increase profitability in the future.
In addition, the Hitachi Zosen Group supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By promoting health management, we want to achieve goals such as "health and well-being for all" and "job satisfaction plus economic growth."

2. Framework

With the President in charge, we will promote health management in cooperation with occupational physicians.
The health management promotion department holds a meeting with the health insurance societies once a quarter and as needed to share common issues and consider new initiatives for promoting health management.

3. Example initiatives

(1) Promotion of work-style reforms
Work-style reform is also meant to realize the higher-level concept of "company and individual employee growth" and the "improvement of employee satisfaction" (part of the Group's management stance).
Specific measures to promote work-style reform
  1. 1Efforts to reduce long working hours and comply with labor compliance
  2. 2Efforts to promote taking annual paid leave (rest-style reform)
  3. 3Efforts to increase diverse work styles and productivity

Relevant information: "Hitz Diversity"

(2) Mental health promotion and fatigue tests
The Hitachi Zosen Group recognizes that maintaining and improving the mental health of employees is important for improving company productivity and creating a vibrant workplace. With that in mind, we are actively promoting mental health care through various efforts such as improving mental health and stimulating communication in the workplace.
In addition, in order to prevent employee health problems such as the onset of brain and heart diseases and poor mental health caused by overwork, we perform "fatigue tests" to strengthen health guidance by occupational physicians and promote the health of employees.
(3) Providing health education
Part of promoting health management is providing health education to officers and employees across the company every year.
We will continue to provide a variety of health education and carry out information campaigns that lead to improved employee health.
(4) Anti-smoking campaign (anti-smoking measures)
With the enactment of the revised Health Promotion Act to strengthen measures against second-hand smoke, there is a growing awareness in society of unwanted second-hand smoke.
We are striving to create a healthy and pleasant work environment by completely separating smoking and non-smoking areas at each office and formulating smoking rules and etiquette.