Waste to Energy Plants

This facility burns waste and treats it hygienically, while at the same time generating electricity as an important energy resource.

Refuse brought to the refuse pit by garbage trucks is burned while moving on top of a combustion device called a stoker in an incinerator. The incinerated refuse is then discharged as ash. The energy of exhaust gas generated by combustion is recovered as steam by the boiler, and electricity is then produced by the steam turbine generator. The generated electricity is also sent outside the facility.

As the world's leading company, the Hitachi Zosen Group delivers a large number of facilities.

  • Largest share of global market in terms of processing capacity (FY2010 - FY2019)
  • Built one of the world's largest Waste to Energy plants (5,220 tons per day capacity)


Domestic performance

Since installing the first Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Plant in 1965, Hitachi Zosen has made constant refinements and enhancements in line with ongoing developments in the domestic industry.

Nishiyodo Incineration Plant (Osaka City)
Completed: 1965
Processing capacity: 400 t/day (200 t/day x 2)
Power output: 5,400 kW(2,700kW x 2)
Osaka Waste Management Authority,
Higashiyodo Incineration Plant
Completed: 2010
Processing capacity: 400 t/day (200 t/day x 2)
Power output: 10,000 kW
Clean Association of TOKYO 23,
Suginami Incineration Plant
Completed: 2017
Processing capacity: 600 t/day (300 t/day x 2)
Power output: 24,200 kW

Overseas performance

Hitachi Zosen Group has built Waste to Energy plants for various clients around the world. Hitachi Zosen Group and licensees has installed 1502 plants, comprising 555 in Japan and 947 outside Japan. (As of March, 2024)

Refuse incineration facilities for Hunan Junxin Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. (China)
Completed in: 2018
Processing capability: 5,100 tons/day (850 tons/day×6)
Power generation capacity: 100,000 kW
Constructed by: Hitachi Zosen
Refuse incineration facility for Ferrybridge MFE 2 Limited (UK)
Completed in: 2019
Processing capability: 675,000 tons/year (2 furnaces)
Power generation output: 68 MW and higher
Constructed by: Hitachi Zosen Inova AG

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