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We develop products
that meet our
customers’ requirements.


Flow up to delivery

  • Concept

  • Plan

  • Evaluation

The pre-order design is unique!
At Hitz, we test and verify all our designs before they are ordered.

We can verify our processing capabilities using our demo equipment, which can process on a large base of up to 1,400 mm × 1,400 mm.

  • Final proposal

  • Order

Using the test and verification results
we address the issues
and provide solid proposals.

The precision and quality of laser processing is affected by the efficiency of power generation in the case of thin-film solar cells. So we create a system that matches the customer’s requirements through a series of tests and verifications.

  • Design・Sourcing・Installation・Test Run

  • Starting operations

  • After-Service

The fully-sealed optical unit shuts out dust, while the laser beam window is equipped with Hitz’s original air barrier structure (patented) for superior maintenance.


Main Products

Laser Patterning Processing

Laser beams are directly irradiated onto transparent conductive films such as ITO and metallic thin films of Cr, Al and other alloys that form a film on glass substrates and film materials. This method allows for the high-speed and high-precision processing of device patterns.

Overview and Examples of Processing Technologies

Cr film processing on glass (processing width 2 μm)

ITO film processing on film (processing width 50 μm)

ITO film processing on glass (processing: 650 μm × 550 μm)

Examples of Processing Thin-film Silicon Solar Cells

These are some examples of the processing of thin-film silicon solar cells. We draw on the technologies and know how we have accumulated during over 30 years of research and development in laser processing technologies, and apply our knowledge and skills in this area to achieve high-speed and high-precision patterning.

Line Processing

Edge Deletion Processing

Laser Cutting and Boring Processing

Our high-quality processing produces minute holes and fine cuts, as well as clean edges.

Glass cutting 0.1 mmt

Glass boring 2.0 mmt

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