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General Industrial Casting Products

Hitachi Zosen supplies an extensive range of casting products made from specially formulated gray cast iron for use in marine engine components, precision machinery parts, and environmental and energy installations such as waste incineration facilities and wind power generators.
Hitachi Zosen casting products are made using the latest simulation technology from the equipment design stage through to actual production to derive optimum specifications and maintain the highest quality standards.

Major products

HIT-1000TS (ultra-high-tensile strength cast iron)

HIT-1000TS has a perlite and bainite structure and high strength and high toughness equivalent to austempered ductile iron. Furthermore, it is lightweight yet maintains its strength and rigidity, and is superior in machinability, demonstrating good machining performance.

Super invar (low-thermal expansion cast metal)

This is an iron-nickel alloy whose thermal expansion coefficient is almost zero and about one-tenth that of iron. In the semiconductor industry, low-thermal expansion alloys are used for ultra-precise machining in various fields.

Bearing steel ball grinder

We provide grinding plates of the optimum hardness and organization to suit the needs of steel balls for high-precision bearings. Anti-abrasion and polishing levels are improved through our own unique manufacturing technologies for the fine polishing process as well as flashing for bearing-use steel ball polishing.

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