Hitachi Zosen CorporationConveyance and
Handling Systems

We set up optimal
manufacturing lines that
meet our customers’ requirements.

  • Automated
  • Automated
    conveyor trolleys
  • Ceiling
    conveyor trolleys
  • Multifunctional
    robot systems
  • Robot
    vision systems


Flow up to delivery

  • Concept

  • Plan

  • Evaluation

The pre-order design is unique!
At Hitz, we test and verify all our designs before they are ordered.

At our Technical Center, we carry out robot handling, camera tests and simulations, and use the results to provide sound proposals to resolve the issues our customers are facing.

  • Final proposal

  • Order

Using the test and verification results
we address the issues
and provide solid proposals.

From setting up a new factory to improving and automating existing plant equipment, we will work with you to build an optimal manufacturing line that meets your needs, and help solve the issues your business is currently facing.

  • Design・Sourcing・Installation・Test Run

  • Starting operations

  • After-Service

Our customized designs enable us to offer reliable after-service. Our optimal range of inspection services will ensure you can use Hitz equipment over the long-term safely and without any deterioration in performance.


Main Products

Automated warehouses

We can assist you in automating the loading and unloading of a wide variety of parts and materials. This will make the process safer, more reliable and quicker to complete using less labor, which helps cut costs and improve distribution quality as well as shorten delivery times.

Automated conveyor trolleys

Loads can be automatically, safely and efficiently delivered to a specified place at any time of the day.

Ceiling conveyor trolleys

We can also help you make effective use of the limited ceiling space inside the building to convey, hoist and sort loads of all sizes.

Multifunctional robot systems

Our equipment can replace workers and efficiently and accurately convey your products around the building. When combined with a materials handing system, Hitz equipment can also make your processes more automated and save on labor.

Robot vision systems

Our highly precise visual sensor system can identify and flexibly sort a range of products of all sizes and weights.

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