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Electronics Technology

Elemental Technologies

  • Electronic circuit technology
  • Video signal processing technology
  • Embedded software technology
  • Image processing technology
  • Communication and network technology
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)/IoT technologies
Video recording device and high-performance, high-definition camera
AI-equipped CPU unit

Video recording device

The company group developed a compact, high-performance recorder capable of recording high-definition images, sounds, and data for high-speed moving objects such as trains and emergency vehicles by connecting a high-performance, high-definition camera that we developed ourselves. This contributes to safe and secure train operation, and reduces maintenance work.

Anomaly detection using edge AI

We developed an AI-equipped CPU unit with a neural network capable of AI processing. After using this unit for land testing of marine engines, it became possible to detect minute changes in the status of the engine and to quickly detect abnormalities.

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