Desalination / Water Treatment

Water, Sewage and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Hitachi Zosen has extensive experience and achievements in the fields of potable water, sewage, and industrial wastewater treatment. The facilities and equipment we provide cover various processes and meet client needs.

Major products

Water and Industrial Water Treatment System

Although the spread of tap water supply in Japan has progressed, the country needs to improve the stability of the supply system against droughts and disasters.
In response to stricter tap water quality standards and the demand for high-quality drinking water, Hitachi Zosen is conducting surveys, design, and construction for an integrated system spanning from water intake to water purification.
Moreover, in anticipation of future population decline, we also propose an individually distributed water purification system that is resistant to consolidation/reconstruction of facilities and disasters.

Chemical injection facilities

  • Chlorine
  • Flocculant
  • pH adjuster
  • Activated carbon injection facilities (powdered activated carbon)
  • Electrolytic hypochlorite generator

Pretreatment equipment

  • High-speed microfiltration device (Kemari®)
  • Biological contact filtration equipment

Mixing pond, flocculant formation pond, sedimentation pond

  • Rapid stirrer (flash mixer)
  • Slow speed stirrer (flocculator)
  • Ramp
  • Central-drive sludge collector
  • Link belt sludge collector
  • Monorail sludge collector

Filtration pond

  • Slow filtration pond
  • Rapid filtration pond
  • AQSEV®sand filter
  • AQSEV®membrane filter

Ozone contact tank, activated carbon adsorption pond

  • Ozone generator
  • Activated carbon absorption equipment (granular activated carbon)

Wastewater treatment

  • Concentrator
  • Filter press dehydrator
  • Air drying bed

Iron/manganese removal equipment, arsenic removal equipment, sand filtration equipment

  • AQSEV®sand filter

Sewage Treatment System

Based on many years of experience and achievements, Hitachi Zosen is using our advanced technology to protect the beautiful and irreplaceable aquatic environment. Furthermore, by developing and providing energy-saving and resource-recovering technology, we are working to reduce the environmental load of sewerage and build a recycling-oriented society.
From large-scale to small/medium-sized sewage treatment facilities and wastewater treatment facilities for farming/fishing villages, we propose the optimal plan according to the treatment scale, future plan, and regional characteristics.

Water Treatment Facility

Removal of dust and sand

  • Fine dust remover (AD Mesh Panel Screen)
  • Chain-type automatic dust remover
  • Dust remover with residue dehydrator (AD Screen Unit)
  • Sediment separator (MD Cyclone)

First sedimentation basin

  • Link belt sludge collector
  • Monorail sludge collector
  • Notch chain sludge collector
  • Circular sludge collector

Reaction tank

  • High-efficiency mechanical stirrer
    Draft Tube Circulator (DTC®)
  • Mechanical aeration agitator
    Draft Tube Aerator (DTA®)
  • Ultra-fine bubble agitator (AD Membrane Diffuser)
  • Activated sludge method system membrane separation (MBR, PMBR System)
  • Defoaming nozzle (spray nozzle)
    Scum crushing/removal equipment (Scum Crush® Nozzle)
    Dissolved oxygen concentration meter (DO Sensor)

Removal of dust and sand

  • Link belt sludge collector
  • Monorail sludge collector
  • Notch chain sludge collector
  • Circular sludge collector

Advanced treatment

  • Upward flow sand filtration equipment
  • Biofilm filtration equipment
  • Pressure sand filtration equipment
  • Moving bed sand filtration equipment
  • High-speed fiber filtration equipment (Marimo®)

Sludge Treatment Facility

Sludge concentration

  • Centrifugal concentrator
  • Gravity concentrator
  • Low-power belt filtration concentrator

Sludge digestion

  • Gas agitation digestion tank
  • Mechanical agitation digestion tank

Sludge dehydration

  • Belt press dehydrator
  • High-efficiency centrifugal dehydrator
  • Filter press dehydrator

Sludge reuse

  • Sludge incineration facilities
  • Composting equipment

Other Equipment


  • Biological deodorization equipment
  • Activated carbon adsorption equipment

Interfluence inprovement

  • Simple fiber filtration facilities
  • Fine dust remover (AD Mesh Panel Screen)

Phosphorous recovery

  • Phosphorus recovery system (MAP System PHOSNIX®)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

We provide highly reliable treatment systems for various industrial uses such as at automotive, food processing, and pharmaceutical plants, employing equipment tailored to each process according to the quality of wastewater and the level of treatment required.

  • Industrial wastewater treatment system
  • Wastewater treatment facilities at automobile plant (linked to 7th layer)
  • Wet oxidation treatment equipment
  • Water-based paint wastewater treatment facilities
  • Wastewater treatment facilities at food plants (linked to 7th layer)
  • Wastewater treatment facilities at pharmaceutical plants (linked to 7th layer)
  • Wastewater treatment facilities at chemical plants
  • Water treatment facilities at aquariums

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