Desalination / Water Treatment

AOM Business (After-sales Service, Operation and Maintenance) for Water Treatment System

Detailed operation management is required to maximize the capabilities of environmental facilities. In addition to facilities repair work, Hitachi Zosen provides a wide range of after-sales services such as proposal-type improvement work and chemical sales (activated Ata-Call, polymer flocculant Ata-Floc, Ace Floc). We also propose efficient operation management and thorough reduction of running costs for comprehensive management of environmental plants operated by local governments. Moreover, we provide optimal maintenance that meets customer needs through total services for safety and security.

Major products

After-sales service

Hitachi Zosen provides optimal solutions such as maintenance and inspection of treatment facilities, proposals for modification and improvement, and dispatch of technical instructors.

Comprehensive management

On behalf of local governments, Hitachi Zosen is entrusted with maintenance work of facilities such as sewage treatment facilities, sludge reclamation treatment centers, and sewage treatment facilities. We also provide support from planning to implementation of comprehensive management. Our expert engineers specialize in advanced technology and various facilities will respond to requests such as maintenance for facilities and reduction of running costs.
Additionally, for facilities where remote monitoring systems have been implemented, we check the operating status from a remote location.

Single equipment sales

Spray nozzle

This device injects pressure water in a fan shape, thereby effectively eliminating bubbles through shearing force. Also, even if the nozzle is blocked by sand, dust, algae, etc., the foreign substance can be easily removed by lifting the counterweight.


  1. 1Superior corrosion resistance
  2. 2Simple structure
  3. 3Easily remove foreign matter blocking the nozzle by lifting the counterweight
  4. 4Easy to install

Scum Crush® Nozzle

Surface flow is forcibly generated in the part of the sewage treatment facility where a scum layer is likely to occur. The scum is crushed and then removed by the water flow and air bubbles ejected from the nozzle. The special fan-shaped nozzle shape significantly improves the scum crushing power and is capable of crushing multi-layered scum.


  1. 1Because it is made of resin, it has corrosion resistance, and by using weather resistant AES resin, it achieves excellent strength.
  2. 2Simple structure, hard to block
  3. 3Since water is sprayed near the surface of the water, water droplets do not scatter, giving consideration to the surrounding environmental hygiene.

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