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HydroSpring H2

HYDROSPRING is an onsite hydrogen generator that electrolyzes water to generate and supply high-purity hydrogen gas.
In recent years, hydrogen has been attracting attention as a form of next-generation energy. It is expected to be used as clean energy by combining it with CO2-free electricity such as renewable energy (Power to Gas).
HYDROSPRING® meets this demand.
Hitachi Zosen will meet the demands of a wide variety of water electrolysis systems and contribute to the realization of a hydrogen-based society.

Image of hydrogen supply using renewable energy


  • High safety and convenience
    • On-site/on-time production of hydrogen using only electricity and water
    • No need to transport, store, or replace cylinders
    • Anyone can use HYDROSPRING immediately (not subject to the High Pressure Gas Safety Act)
  • High efficiency and load fluctuation followability
    • Manufactures hydrogen with high efficiency by adopting a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolytic tank
    • Follows sudden power load fluctuations from wind power generation, solar power generation, etc.
  • Manufactures high quality hydrogen
    • Manufactures hydrogen with a purity of 99.9% to 99.999% and a dew point (atmospheric pressure equivalent) of -15°C to -70°C.
  • Easy and secure operability
    • The device can be started and stopped with a single button for easy operation. Furthermore, automatic operation is possible through a remote monitoring system.
    • No need for treatment of waste liquid because no chemical solution (alkaline solution) is used
  • Built-in portable container
    • No need to construct a new building, easy outdoor installation
    • Achieves simplification and cost reduction of on-site construction

Major products



Developed the megawatt-class HYDROSPRING®

In recent years, demand is increasing for larger capacity hydrogen generators as renewable energy storage systems. By fusing conventional electrolysis technology and filter press technology, Hitachi Zosen has succeeded in increasing the size of the electrolytic tank which is the heart of the equipment.
Additionally, each megawatt-class HYDROSPRING is built into a 40-foot container and configured as a single package. Therefore, it is not necessary to construct a new building, which leads to simplification and cost reduction of on-site construction.

Large electrolytic tank developed by Hitachi Zosen (100 Nm3/h)
Hydrogen generator built into a 40-foot container

Specifications and applications

Generated amount Nm3/h 1 10 50 100 200
Pressure MPaG 0.8(~0.85)
Purity % 99.9~99.999
Dew point °C -15~-70
Power consumption* kWh-AC/Nm3 5.0
Pure water consumption L/h 1 10 50 100 200
Size* m 1.1W×1.8D×2.0H 2.0W×4.8D×2.5H 2.5W×9.0D×2.5H 2.4W×12.0D×2.9H
  1. 1Cooling gas for power plant turbine
  2. 2Semiconductor manufacturing
  3. 3Various manufacturing processes (reduction applications, heat treatment/welding)
  4. 4Utilization of hydrogen energy (renewable energy, fuel cell)
  5. 5Various types of R&D

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