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Methanation Equipment

Hitachi Zosen has developed methanation equipment that can generate methane gas from the raw materials of CO2 and hydrogen.
CO2 recovered from the exhaust gas of industrial facilities is converted into methane fuel and used effectively. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the early realization of a carbon recycling society.

Major products

What is a methanation reaction?

A methanation reaction synthesizes methane gas through the catalytic reaction of carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
Hitachi Zosen has developed our own high-performance methanation catalyst which has been highly evaluated by each institution.

A methanation reaction
  • High conversion rate: 99% or higher
  • High efficiency: 75% to 80%
  • High purity: 96 vol%-CH4
  • High durability: 20,000 hrs or more

Methanation tester for R&D

We have also started selling a small methanation tester (0.1 Nm3/h) for testing using our proprietary high-performance catalyst.

We provide the tester for in-house methanation testing and "Power to Gas" research.

Carbon cycle achieved using methanation

CO2 recovered from various emission sources is converted into methane fuel through a reaction with H2 produced from renewable energy.
Since synthesized methane gas is the main component of natural gas, it can be transported, stored, and used via a conventional natural gas infrastructure.
Furthermore, CO2 generated by combustion of methane is recovered and converted to methane again. This achieves utilization of a carbon cycle.

Carbon cycle achieved using methanation

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