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Indoor airborne virus countermeasures: ACSTERIA, a space sterilizer using deep UV LEDs

Spatial sterilizer ACSTERIA using deep UV LED

ACSTERIA is a commercial-use space sterilizer that uses deep ultraviolet LEDs to sterilize 99.9% of airborne viruses.

Space sterilization is possible in a short time that is difficult to achieve when using general air purifiers. For example, at maximum air volume, ACSTERIA achieves 99% sterilization of a space with a floor area of 100 m2 (about 60 tatami mats) in approximately 50 minutes.


In recent years, infection control is indispensable in spaces where many people gather. ACSTERIA is a commercial-use space sterilizer developed for hospitals, public facilities, nursery schools and kindergartens, schools, emergency evacuation sites, etc.
This machine uses a fan to intake air with a fan and then uses a deep ultraviolet LED to irradiate the air, thus sterilizing microorganisms and pathogenic viruses. Hitachi Zosen has obtained demonstration results showing that deep UV LED achieves 99.9% reduction of viruses with high UV resistance. Additionally, we are conducting joint research and verification with universities on various pathogenic viruses that are a subject of concern in our daily lives.


  1. 1Performance

    Has a maximum air volume of 28 m3/min. Sterilizes a space with a floor area of 230 to 250m2 using only deep UV LED.

  2. 2Ease of use

    Uses long-life LED and can operate continuously 24 hours a day for approximately 2 years

  3. 3Safety

    Does not generate toxic gas (ozone gas, etc.)

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