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Systems for filling/packaging lines

Hitachi Zosen has extensive achievements in production systems for foods, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, and other goods which are important elements of people's lives. The specifications are designed with an emphasis on efficient productivity while ensuring safety. We provide a comprehensive production system that includes filling machines, sterilization, cleaning, packaging, and transportation.

Major products

Systems for filling/packaging lines for beverages and foods

Hitachi Zosen mainly uses heavy-duty filling and is working on line configuration that supports high-mix production.
In addition to simplification of hygiene management, we also support various types of containers and offer products for various types of liquid such as sake, shochu, liqueur and other alcoholic beverages, seasoning liquids, dairy products, and liquids containing solids.

Line configuration examples


  • Support for high-mix low-volume production
  • High sanitary performance achieved by automatic CIP/SIP
  • Compliance with ISO/HACCP

Infusion bag filling systems

By utilizing our extensive record and experience as a leading manufacturer of infusion bag manufacturing/filling equipment, Hitachi Zosen provides various chemical lines for the pharmaceutical industry, which requires a high level of quality and productivity. We offer various filling machines, bag manufacturing machines, and sealing machines, as well as dialysis product (dialyzer) equipment, prefilled syringe equipment, reagent equipment, clinical trial testing equipment, and various assembly equipment utilizing robot handling technology.

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