Corporate Governance and Compliance

Compliance system

We are working proactively to strengthen our compliance management as a priority management issue in order to manage the Company in conformity with laws and regulations and corporate ethics, and fulfill our social responsibilities.
We have established a Compliance Committee, with the representative director serving as chairman. Under this committee, surveys and verifications of all corporate activities are conducted regularly from the legal and corporate ethical standpoints. Furthermore, the Hitachi Zosen Group has established the Hitachi Zosen Group Charter of Ethical Behavior as an ethical behavior guidelines to be observed by all the directors and employees of the Group. By educating all directors and employees, the Group is aiming to improve awareness of legal compliance and promote the maintenance of a high standard of corporate ethics. At the same time we have established a whistle-blowing system to enable employees to consult with/report to an external consultant so that we can promptly and effectively prevent, detect, and address any legal violations.

Hitz Group Charter of Ethical Behavior

  1. 1Compliance with Laws and Social Norms

    We comply with our internal rules including corporate philosophy, corporate procedures and employment rules as well as domestic and foreign laws, regulations, social norms and their spirit.

  2. 2Supply of Safe, Secure Products and Services

    We take the utmost effort to supply safe, secure products and services in all our business activities.

  3. 3Active Transmission of Corporate Information

    We extensively transmit our corporate information to society as well as to our stakeholders to promote understanding on our businesses.

  4. 4Environment Protection

    We seek to utilize renewable energy, save resources and energy, recycle and reuse in all our business activities and take good care of the environment to realize sustainable society.

  5. 5Coexistence with Society

    We, as a “good corporate citizen”, show respect for good domestic and foreign cultures and customs, co-exist with society generally and regional communities, and seek to contribute to society according to our respective positions.

  6. 6Fair, Transparent and Free Competition

    We pursue reasonable profits through fair competition complying with business laws and regulations including Antimonopoly Act (competition law), which are applicable worldwide.

  7. 7No Contact with Antisocial Forces

    We have no contact with forces which threaten the safety of any members of society.

  8. 8Refraining from Excessive Entertainment and Gifts

    We refrain from giving and receiving entertainment or gifts which go beyond common sense both in amount and frequency.

  9. 9Prohibition of Insider Trading

    In the event we learn undisclosed important information related to the listed company which could influence the stock price, we do not trade stocks of such company.

  10. 10Respect for Human Dignity

    We seek to eliminate any harassment and discrimination about nationality, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and the like and respect individual human rights.

  11. 11Distinction between Public and Private Matters

    We draw a line between public and private matters and carry out our duties with rectitude and sincerity.

  12. 12Preservation of Confidentiality

    We appropriately protect personal information and confidential information held by our company, and also preserve all confidential information of any third party which becomes known to us in the course of business.

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