Basic Procurement Principles

Our procurement department makes purchases based on the following principles.

  • Fair and impartial transactions

    We provide our business partners with equitable market entry opportunities regardless of nationality, company size, or transaction record. For individual transactions, comprehensive consideration is given to economic rationality such as quality, technology, price, delivery lead time, certainty, and safety, as well as the stability of the business base. We select business partners fairly.

  • Mutual growth based on trust relationship

    We aim to establish relationships of trust with our business partners and promote mutual growth through fair transactions.

  • Promotion of development procurement

    With our business partners,we are promoting devel opment procurement in order to reduce costs spirally.

  • Compliance with laws

    We comply with social norms and relevant laws and regulations based on our compliance management philosophy.

  • Protection of confidential information

    Confidential business and technical information obtained through purchase transactions will be strictly managed and will not be disclosed to external parties without the consent of the business partner.

  • Promotion of environmental protection

    We will fulfill our corporate responsibility to protect the environment via making purchases in cooperation with our business partners.