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SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) System for Marine Engines

Notice Concerning Marine Engine Business

We are pleased to announce that the new company named Hitachi Zosen Marine Engine Co., Ltd. has been established on April 1, 2023, succeeding Hitachi Zosen Corporation’s Marine Engine Business.
Hitachi Zosen Marine Engine Co., Ltd. concentrates on providing better products and enhanced services to satisfy customer requirements.

Major products

After-sales service

We provide excellent after-sales service by taking advantage of our advanced technology acquired through design and manufacture, and our vast experience. We control the huge amount of data produced by all our engines with computers and supply optimum parts. We provide the latest technical information on our website.

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system for marine engines

Hitachi Zosen completed the world's first SCR system for dual-stroke marine diesel engines that complies with NOx Tier III regulations. This was possible by applying denitration technology that removes NOx, which is also a PM2.5 causative substance, from exhaust gas. This technology has been proven at onshore plants.
This marine vessel SCR system has been jointly developed since 2009 by Hitachi Zosen and MAN Energy Solutions, a licensor of marine diesel engines. The system has been in operation since 2014.
Hitachi Zosen positions "the environment and green energy" as one of our business domains. We actively contribute to the global environment by preventing air pollution and reducing greenhouse gases through technological development and sales of marine vessel SCR systems.

Major features

  1. 1Uses high-temperature and high-pressure exhaust gas on the upstream side of the turbocharger. This makes it possible to use a small catalyst capacity and achieves compact size.
  2. 2Problems related to the responsiveness of the turbocharger are solved by controlling multiple valves provided in the SCR system. This realizes the same responsiveness and followability as the conventional engine.
  3. 3The system is safer and easier to use. For example, it uses urea water as a reduction agent that turns NOx into harmless nitrogen and water.
  4. 4The system is compatible with both low-sulfur fuel and high-sulfur fuel.
  5. 5Selection is made from multiple lineups in order to flexibly respond to the equipment layout in the engine room. Furthermore, we are using operation data as a basis to make the system even more compact, thus reducing the burden of equipment placement.
  6. 6The system can be applied not only to MAN B&W engines, but also to Win GD engines.

Main achievements

2011 Completed the NOx Tier III regulations compliant SCR system for marine vessels for the MC-C engine 6S46 MC-C
2014 Obtained manufacturing supply certification from MAN Energy Solutions for the first time in the world
2014 Our SCR system for marine vessels won the 2014 Marine Engineering of the Year Award
2018 Completed the marine vessel SCR system for ME-C engine 6G60 ME-C9.5
2019 Completed the marine vessel SCR system for ME-C engine 7G80 ME-C9.5
2019 Obtained provisional certification from MAN Energy Solutions for the Mk-II marine vessel SCR system
2020 Completed the marine vessel SCR system for ME-C engine 7S65 ME-C8.5
2021 Completed the first Mk-II marine vessel SCR system for ME-C engine 6S50 ME-C9.6
Hitachi Zosen has received orders for 86 marine vessel SCR systems for our in-house diesel engines and other diesel engines from domestic and overseas manufacturers (as of February 2021).

What are NOx Tier III regulations?

The third tier of regulations for reduction of NOx emissions during ship navigation set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Requires an 80% reduction compared to before the Tier I regulations in 2016.

Urea Dilution System

This equipment produces urea water, used as a reducing agent for SCR systems that scrub NOx (nitrogen oxide), from powdered urea and the distilled water obtained from shipboard water production equipment. The urea water storage tank is more compact, and can produce high-quality urea water at low cost on board, contributing to the stable elimination of nitrogen dioxide.

Main achievements
Hitachi Zosen has received orders for 13 installations of urea water production equipment, mainly from domestic shipyards. (As of February 2021)

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