Electronic Control Equipment

Image Solution for Train

By utilizing video, positioning, IoT, and AI technologies accumulated over many years, Hitachi Zosen provides solutions that contribute to safe and secure train operation, and to labor saving in maintenance.

Major products

Camera system for mounting in railway vehicles

This highly reliable camera system has been introduced in many railway vehicles.

Front camera system  Security camera system  Multi-channel type / Integrated type
  • *In addition to the above, we will propose the most optimal camera/recording device according to the customer's request.

Remote monitoring system

By transmitting the front video data of the commercial vehicle to the ground side, the situation on the vehicle side can be grasped in real time from the command center, etc.

Remote monitoring system


  • Early investigation of cause and recovery after the occurrence of an accident

Link with location information

By linking and recording the video and location information, the video can be played while displaying the location information on the map.

Link with location information


  • Increased efficiency of track maintenance operations

Related technology

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