Hitz Advanced InformationTechnology Center (A.I/TEC).


Hitz Advanced Information Technology Center A.I/TEC

Hitz Advanced Information Technology Center A.I/TEC started operation in October 2018 as a hub for ICT utilization such as remote monitoring, IoT (Internet of Things), big data, and AI (artificial intelligence). -Omitted- Furthermore, we are working on the development of new products and new businesses, including open innovation. We also accept facility visits and the exchange of opinions on DX/ICT, so please contact us using the inquiry form if you're interested.

A.I/TEC(Adjacent to the head office)
7-89, Nankokita 1-chome, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-8559, Japan
A.I/TEC communication graphics
A.I/TEC Hitz Advanced Information Technology Center

A flock of wild geese flies freely through the sky in a V-formation. Their leader, called dogan in Japanese, gathers information from all angles and uses it swiftly to detect any danger while leading the flock in the right direction. The dogan is the symbol of A.I/TEC, which serves as a flagship to promote state-of-the-art ICT. Everyone at the Center has the courage of the dogan deep in their hearts, as they constantly monitor operations to ensure safety and security while aiming for a bright future.

Services to be provided

Remote monitoring and operational support

  • Remote monitoring and data analysis to ensure stable plant operations
  • Real-time support with 24-hour monitoring to predict malfunctions
  • Enhances power generation efficiency by analyzing data and making it visual, and using artificial intelligence (AI) to control operations

A.I/TEC is staffed to provide 24-hour remote monitoring of Energy-from-Waste Plants, Power Retail Business, Wind Power Generation and Filter Presses.
We are pioneers in rolling out sophisticated remote monitoring and operational support services in energy-from-waste plants.

1.Real-time support
Speedy support that is one-step ahead of the production site
Verifying and analyzing data to respond to inquiries from the site, and handle any troubles that occur
3.Medium-to-long term analysis
Analysis using medium-to-long term data to estimate equipment life and implement preventive maintenance
4.Operational reporting
Regular reporting on operational trends, including the operational status of each plant and team of workers

(A)development base for IoT/big data and AI

  • Supports production floor digitalization for enhanced quality and improved productivity
  • Accelerates the use of IoT/big data and AI by setting up a cloud environment and a development environment

At A.I/TEC, we are focused on driving forward digital innovation in energy-from-waste plants and other engineering business domains, and in the production floor areas of your factory. We are building a base for applying IoT and big data based on our track record in power generation facilities, including the Energy-from-Waste plants that we are already digitalizing. Currently at A.I/TEC, we are rapidly developing a diversity of products and services utilizing IoT/big data and AI, including RPA robotization of remote monitoring tasks, and new services combining drone control with AI.

(A)space for open innovation

  • Realizes open innovation with the organic merging of the needs outside the company and the seeds and data within the company
  • Establishes a Win-Win relationship by combining knowledge through alliances with partners across industries and fields

A.I/TEC is developing a space for companies, universities, and research institutions to collaborate in creating revolutionary open innovation. We will support a seamless and continuous process in all stages from research studies to actual development, in a space that organically merges people, goods, data and all other resources.
The Center's laboratories are equipped with features to leverage the technological strengths and know-how of our partner companies and organizations, which will further strengthen creativity and create a synergy effect from open innovation that will accelerate the development of new technologies.
We will work together with all researchers, engineers and businesses. A.I/TEC continually supports open innovation for the trailblazers who will unlock the future.

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