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DX Initiatives Remote Label Check Service

Remote label check service

Food processing centers that supply supermarkets with meat, fish and other fresh foods have processes for sticking promotion and price labels on food that has been arranged and packaged. However, it is the workers that visually check if the labels are correct or contain errors. There are calls for implementing measures to reduce the work burden on workers and to deal with human errors, as well as to promote paperless operation.
Hitz has developed a remote label check service, which is a system whereby workers take pictures of products using a tablet device and then AI is used to cross-check the contents of the pictures with the labels.
Normally it takes many years of experience to be able to accurately cross-check contents and labels; however, this system makes it possible to accurately inspect labels without relying on the experience, knowledge, skills, and judgement of workers, as they only need to take pictures of the products.