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DX Initiatives Waste-to-Energy plants:
Improving Efficiency Using Combustion Predictions

 Waste-to-Energy plants: Improving efficiency using combustion predictions

Waste-to-Energy plants require stable combustion to be maintained, even when various types of waste of differing calorific values are sent to incinerators. Although a system to automatically adjust the combustion conditions has been installed in these plants to maintain stable combustion, fluctuations in the calorific values of waste and other factors cause deviations in the system’s control range. Consequently, experienced operating personnel must make manual adjustments.
Hitz has developed a system for automatic control to prevent a deterioration in combustion, using AI to predict combustion fluctuations that will occur several dozens of minutes ahead.
This system has reduced the need for manual adjustments by operating personnel by over 90%, which is a significant saving in labor.