Configuration Specification

Model no. ESG-3K1
Input voltage AC100-200V
Discharge voltage 3,000V
Number of outputs 1
Charging time 40s
Max. number of Cartridge connections Can be expanded for
3 units x 6 lines
(W × D × H)
Operation box 80 × 240 × 250mm
Control box 260 × 500 × 685mm
High-voltage generator 533 × 510 × 788mm
Weight Operation box 2kg 139kg
Control box 27kg
High-voltage generator 110kg
*A portable high-voltage generator (1500V output, weight 42kg) is also available.

Type Size Capacity Standard hole diameter
SS Φ10 × 79mm 2ccΦ12
S Φ15 × 55mm 5ccΦ18
M Φ19 × 60mm 12ccΦ20
L Φ27 × 60mm 25ccΦ30

Discharge cables   antiscattering cover   weight mat   Stemming material (sand)   Stemming tool
▲Discharge cables   ▲antiscattering cover   ▲weight mat   ▲Stemming material (sand)   ▲Stemming tool
Stemming material (resin)A   Stemming material (resin)B   Carteidges    
▲Stemming material (resin)A   ▲Stemming material (resin)B   ▲Carteidges