Feature Positioning of EDICS
■Main Features of EDICS

  • Safe and easy to use because of non-explosive

  • -Without restriction of Explosive Control Law in Japan

  • Small cartridge and small borehole

  • -Borehole diameter: φ12-30mm (0.5-1.2in)

  • Available partial splitting without damage of remaining part of target

  • -Available renovate building

  • Relatively-low noise and vibration

  • -Available urban area

Mechanism of EDICS Mechanism
■Mechanism of EDICS
  •  1 Charging of electrical energy
  • The capacitor is charged with 3,000V of electrical energy.
  •  2 Discharging electrical energy
  • Electrical energy stored in the capacitor is supplied to the cartridge within several hundreds of microseconds through a electronic switch.
  •  3 Generating high pressure
  • The thin metal wire evaporates within several microseconds, and the temperature and pressure increase due to the plasma resulting from the evaporation of the metal wire.

■Procedure of EDICS
Procedure of EDICS