EDICS, Power supply, Drill

    Concrete, Reinforced concrete, Rock, etc.

    All equipment can be loaded into a van.

■Public disruption

Lmax: 80-90 dB * (at 20m away from target)
PPV: 0.5 cm/s* (at 10m away from target)

■Fragmentation efficiency


*Depend on the target and situation.


Rock excavation ●Rock excavation icon   Tunnel excavation ●Tunnel excavation icon  
・Disused heavy machinery
・Enables selective excavation
  ・Hard rock splitting (uniaxial compressive strength : 350MPa)
・Controllable vibration
Demolition of Reinforced concrete fundation ●Demolition of Reinforced concrete fundation icon   Splitting around bridge bearing ●Splitting around bridge bearing icon  
・Wtihout cutting existing reinforcing steel
・Enables minute controlled splitting
  ・Enables minimizing the impact on established structure
・Enables aplitting at narrow space
Freeway joint renewal ●Freeway joint renewal icon   Boulder splitting ●Boulder splitting icon  
・Applcation to reinforced concrete
・Enables one lane construction
  ・Disused heavy machinery
・Extensive traffic control is not necessary.
Vertical shaft excavation ●Vertical shaft excavation icon   Partial splitting of dam ●Partial splitting of dam icon  
・Disused heavy machinery
・Enables construction in diameter with 5m or less
  ・Enables splitting reinforced structure and hard rock in parallel
・Enables minimizing the impact on established structure