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AQSEV® Sand Filter

AQSEV Rapid Pressure Sand Filter is a self-cleaning rapid pressure filter for iron and manganese removal, targeting water purification plants.


  1. AQSEV Rapid Pressure Sand Filter has unique design which is to divide the pressure vessel into six multiple uniform chambers.

  2. AQSEV Rapid Pressure Sand filters operate downflow, and filtration speed is 150 - 300 m/day.

  3. AQSEV Rapid Pressure Sand Filter has a new developed switching valve. During cleaning, each individual chamber is capable of using filtered water from another chamber, which system is the first system in Japan. The system requires no pumps or water tanks for cleaning, and therefore reduces the footprint in comparison with conventional sand filters.

  4. The unit of electric equipment required for operation is the minimum and the movement of raw water/ filtration water/ back wash water is completed in the filtration device. Therefore, this contributes to achieving energy-saving operation with excellent hydraulic efficiency;

  5. Remote monitoring function and turbidity meter are equipped as standard to realize safe and secure automatic operation.


Iron and Manganese Removal

・Iron and manganese are found naturally in raw water includes ground water from infiltration wells in all regions.Iron and manganese removal is very important to make drinking waqer/industrial water.

・Oxidize ferrous hydroxide which is usually existing in raw water is oxidized to insoluble ferric hvdroxide by injection of chlorine (NaClO; sodium hypochlorite). Insoluble ferric hydroxide is flocculated by injection of PAC(polyaluminium chloride) and removed with a filter media of anthracite.

・As for manganese removal, chlorine is used as with iron removal, and is removed by catalytic oxidation of manganese sand.

Arsenic Removal

・Arsenic-containing groundwater is used normally as drinking water after treatment in rural areas of some developing countries. As for arsenic removal, PAC (polyaluminum chloride)as a coagulant in water treatmint with high removal efficiency is used, and is removed with a filter media.

Rapid filtration for water turbidity removal

・Rapid sand filtration, which is a highly effective method to remove turbidity, is used primarily to remove turbidity after coagulation and flocculation in large water treatment plants.

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