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Filter Products

The filter press is known as the most effective solid-liquid separation system, and since 1966 Hitachi Zosen has been a leader in filter presses, developed using its outstanding filtration technology.
We have experience of building more than 4,000 filter press units, semi and fully automated, and manual, in a wide variety of fields of application, both domestically and worldwide.
Hitachi Zosen also supplies the high-performance horizontal vacuum belt filter, suitable for filtration, cake-washing and dewatering of suspended solids from slurry in filtration processes in various industrial fields.

Filter Press

Hitachi Zosen is characterized by a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit and highly positive attitude, and promises maximum performance and reliability. Our filter presses are customized to the client's specific requirements to wholly satisfy the most complex requests.

Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter

Our horizontal vacuum belt filter consists of a simple structure with no rubber belt, and linear movement using a pneumatic cylinder.
The almost unlimited number of processes requiring filtration, cake-washing, extraction and/or drying means that is no single universal filter. Built into the horizontal vacuum belt filter concept is, however, an unparalleled degree of versatility and flexibility. As a result the horizontal vacuum belt filter can accommodate more diverse process requirements than any other filtration system. It also means that the filter can cope better with process changes than other filter systems, and can replace a wide variety of other equipment.

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