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Electro-Chlorination System, Hydrogen Generation System

Hitachi Zosen provides an electro chlorination system and hydrogen generation system pairing that features a high degree of safety, reliability and quality.
We have been developing rubber lining technology since 1930, and have a broad line-up of anti-corrosion/abrasion proof products made in Japan.

Electro Chlorination System

The electro chlorination system prevents system bio-fouling in power plants, refineries, LNG plants, desalination plants, offshore platforms etc. by electrical generation of sodium hypochlorite from seawater or brine. The electro chlorination system can also be used to improve water in aquariums and to disinfect drinking water.

  • Electro-Chlorination System “Daiki Hychlorator”
    Marine Growth Prevention Device for Ships & Vessels “Daiki Hychlorator / Daiki Copionator”
  • Special Coating Electrode “Daiki Hi-Durarode”

Hydrospring Hydrogen Generation System

For safety and ease of handling, on-site hydrogen generation systems have come to be preferred over the use of high-pressurized hydrogen cylinders. Hydrospring is an on-site system which can generate hydrogen with high purity by electrolysis of pure water. Hydrospring provides ideal solutions to meet customer's various demands safely and reliably.

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