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Energy and resource from organic waste, and leachate treatment systems

Hitachi Zosen contributes to a sound material cycle through special energy and resource technologies cultivated over the years, which we apply to organic waste such as night soil and garbage.

Liquid Organic Waste Treatment System

We provide all types of treatment systems, such as our unique “IZ system,” customized to suit the quality and quantity of liquid organic waste and regional conditions. We have installed numerous facilities for the treatment of night soil and septic tank sludge.

Recycling Systems

Our recycling systems contribute to a sound material cycle by using energy generated in the process of waste treatment. We propose solutions for reducing sludge to methane (methanation), composting, and recovering phosphorus from wastewater.

  • Phosphorus Recovery System “HAP System”・“PHOSNIX”
  • Compost system

Landfill Leachate Treatment System

Our leachate treatment system removes contaminated water including the finest traces of toxic substances from landfills.

AOM (after-sales service, operation and maintenance)

We have extensive experience in comprehensive operational and maintenance work, covering day-to-day activities and ideas for boosting efficiency and reducing running costs. We also provide after-services such as repair, overhaul, and chemical supply.

  • Solutions services
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