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Control Systems

Hitachi Zosen supplies control systems for large research and testing installations such as particle beam accelerators and synchrotron radiation sources, as well as for production plants and industrial equipment and machinery. Control panels feature advanced units such as board computers, personal computers and PLCs for superior precision and reliable performance.
Hitachi Zosen offers hardware and software development services as well as installation and after-sales service.

Major products

Accelerator control system

Hitachi Zosen has developed a range of control systems for accelerator and synchrotron radiation research and testing installations such as Japan Photon Accelerator Research Complex J-PARC, Super Photon ring-8 SPring-8, X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) facility SACLA.

Accelerator control system
(Photo courtesy of Japan synchrotron Radiation Research Institute)

Development example

Control system for: Application
Interlock Used for beam line controller interlock systems to prevent operator exposure protect and equipment from potential damage
Synchrotron patterns In-house development of dynamic pattern input/output (DPO, DPI)
Electromagnetic power source Optical transmission board I/O board
Fl-Net transmission system Fl-Net VME board

Distribution and data systems

Hitachi Zosen's picking system enables high-precision picking with barcode inspection and weight inspection via wireless LAN instruction to enable a warehouse in which inspectors are not required. As it is possible to perform picking with paperless picking lists and without work instruction output, the system contributes to a paperless workplace.

Plants and machinery control systems

Hitachi Zosen control systems are suitable for a range of applications, from stand-alone equipment and machinery at production plants through to entire production plants.

Control system for: Examples
Sequenced control Design and manufacture operating and control panels, displays and noticeboards, incoming power switchboards and load centers for waste incineration facilities, production equipment, power generation equipment, shield tunneling machines, automobile press machines, power winches, boiler facilities, plastic sheet forming machines and multi-level car parks
Computer machinery Design and manufacture of computer control systems for automated cranes for working on waste incinerators
(equipment monitoring and remote monitoring)
Design and manufacture of remote monitoring and control systems for co-generation equipment, power generators and dam operation systems
Servo control/FA Design and manufacture of control systems for PLCs and dedicated units for industrial machinery servos and FA production lines

NS-eX (controlled access system)

The NS-eX combines network-capable door controllers and I/O controllers and is suitable for all sizes of facilities. It can also be used as an employee attendance system.
NS-eX can be configured as a hands-free controlled access system for food production facilities that is more convenient than conventional card entry and authorization procedures.

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