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Image and Image Processing and Storage System

Hitachi Zosen has extensive experience in the area of high-quality camera image recording and verification systems.

Main product/system Application
FOOD DEFENSE & MANAGEMENT RECORDING SYSTEM Verification systems using a combination of digital video recording and visualization of key inspection points on food production lines (for inspection machinery)
Train recorder
on-board digital recorder
Compact, high-performance vehicle operating status recording system designed for moving vehicles such as trains, road vehicles and aircraft
Image Accumulation and Monitoring Systems
High-resolution IP camera video monitoring system
Vehicle number identification system
Camera-based vehicle number recognition, site access control
Photovoltaic panel process quality inspection system Inspection of processing lines of width less than 100 μm in photovoltaic panel circuit production processes

Major products


Camera images are combined with key production data (CCP) and text data from inspection equipment to generate records for 100% of shipped articles. For improved efficiency, signal can be connected directly to the recording device to provide administrators with a visual display of checkpoints such as stop machine, reject response and inspection device screen listed separately for each event. This is particularly effective for inspection processes with an inherent human error component.
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Train recorder on-board digital recorder

The Train recorder is a high-quality digital recorder for moving vehicles designed to operate in combination with a high-resolution progressive scan camera. It can be configured in operating status data logging systems (including audio and video data) as well as operation history, operation management and eco-drive systems. It can also be used as a train recorder or as a drive recorder. This compact and lightweight device features a shock resistant and earthquake resistant structural design and is suitable for remote control and maintenance systems for industrial facilities such as production plants.

IP camera image accumulation and monitoring systems MOCAS

We provide image accumulation and monitoring systems that can handle a mix of various IP cameras. We can build a perimeter monitoring system that can manage images of people entering and exiting by coordinating with gates and the central control room, as well as a large- scale video monitoring system consisting of several hundred IP cameras in a large warehouse or data center.

License number reading system N-SECURITY

The N-SECURITY License number reading system reads vehicle registration numbers from camera images of number plates, records images along with vehicle numbers, then checks registration details and displays the results. It is designed to capture high-resolution images of vehicles moving at high speed. A single unit can analyze multiple locations simultaneously.
For example, the system can be used to determine how long each vehicle spends on site and to automate entry and exit gates for pre-authorized number plates to minimize traffic congestion.

Photovoltaic panel process quality inspection system

This system inspects processing lines of width less than 100 μm in photovoltaic circuit production.


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