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Plastic Machinery

Liquid crystal televisions and monitors, mobile phones and smartphones use plastic components with advanced optical properties. Integrated plastic extrusion systems from Hitachi Zosen are used to make film and sheet products with excellent characteristics including flatness, transparency and thickness accuracy as well as low residual strain.
Hitachi Zosen also supplies sheet manufacturing equipment used to make photovoltaic cell panels along with a wide range of extruders for food packaging, construction materials, electrical appliances and auto parts.

Major products

Optical film and sheet forming system

Optical film and sheet forming line
Outline of machine

  • Application resin: PC, MMA, MS, cycloolefin, etc.,
  • Dimension of product: 100 - 1,000 μm (min. 50), maximum width: 2,000 mm
  • Forming speed: maximum 80 m/min.

Outline of sheet molding equipment

  • Application resin: PC, MMA, MS, cycloolefin, PP, etc.,
  • Dimension of product: maximum thickness: 20 mm, maximum width: 2,500 mm
  • Forming speed: maximum 10 m/min.

Super engineering plastic forming system

Outline of machine

  • Application resin: Special PC, PPS, PEEK, etc.,
  • Dimension of product: thickness 20 - 400 μm; width 500 mm
  • Forming speed: maximum 18 m/min.


  • A compact design concept that is multi-functional as well as multi-purpose
  • Produces a superior product with high transparency, low residual strain, and flatness
  • A maximum heating temperature for the extruder, gear pump, and die head of 450℃
  • The roll unit has an ultra-elastic flexible metal roll (UF roll) covering and a maximum heating temperature of 300℃
  • The roll driving unit has a super-precise reduction gear system, resulting in lower vibration as well as super-smooth roll rotation
  • Enables embossed or patterned finishing as well

Film-forming machine with elastic metal roll (UF roll)

Hitachi Zosen's film-forming machine with elastic metal roll (UF roll) is the heart of our optical film and sheet molding system and functional film-forming system. Even though the outer cylinder is a metal roll, it is so thin that its elastic deformation is high like rubber, and therefore, even for thin films, roll pressure formed by low line pressure can be used to obtain film products that are superior in gloss and transparency.

General-Purpose Film and Sheet Forming Systems

We offer a variety of systems to respond to all our customers' needs such as film and thin sheet-forming systems, multi-layer thin sheet-forming systems, and foamed sheet-forming systems.

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