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Food Filling and Packaging Systems

Hitachi Zosen has a long track record in delivering products for use in production systems for food and medical machinery, both important elements in people's lives. Our products' specifications take into account safety for the human body and we are place emphasis on efficient productivity. We provide total production systems including fillers and machines for cleaning, packaging, and carrying.

Major products

Food-filling systems

Hitachi Zosen's food-filling systems incorporate a weight filler and allow sanitary and economic production of beverages, seasonings, dairy products, and alcoholic beverages. They can be applied to various kinds of liquids and products.


  • Highly accurate filling
  • High-level sanitation with automatic CIP and SIP
  • Filling valves and nozzles corresponding to various kinds of liquids
  • Capability to handle limited production of diversified products
  • Easy operation
  • ISO and HACCP compliant.

Infusion bag filling systems

Taking advantage of our abundant delivery records and experience as a top manufacturer of infusion bag filling systems, we provide various drug solution lines in the pharmaceutical industry, where a high level of quality and productivity are required. We produce various fillers, bag-making machines, sealers, as well as equipment for dialyzers, prefilled syringes, and reagents, test equipment for experiments, and various assembly equipment utilizing robot-handling technologies.

Filling systems for cosmetics and chemical products

We offer optimum filling systems for various cosmetics, chemical products, and special containers and types of liquids, based on the advanced technology we have acquired over a long period of time and our abundant delivery records.


  • A diverse range of equipment is available, including straight-line rotary types, weight fillers, and piston fillers.
  • Servo design is used for each unit, making it easy to switch between liquid types and product types.
  • Customized machinery and materials can be provided for use with specialized cleaning agents and chemicals.

Electron beam sterilization system

Our electron beam sterilizer irradiates the surface of materials with low energy electron beam to sterilize viruses and bacteria on the surface. The low energy electron beam can achieve 6 log (one millionth) reduction on sterilization of the viruses and bacteria with little effect on the surface. In addition, it is free from chemical residue like chemical sterilization. The sterilization validation of the electron beam sterilization is standardized in ISO11137, so that it is easy to accommodate audits if installing to pharmaceutical production lines.
 As for applications to the pharmaceutical and medical market, we offer electron beam tab sterilizers which sterilize the surface of the tab at introducing syringe and vial tabs to isolators, and electron beam pass boxes which can rapidly sterilize and introduce materials to isolators and safety cabinets in research uses and cell production lines in the regenerative medicine.
 As for applications to aseptic filling in beverage, we offer electron beam preform/bottle sterilizers which can sterilize the surface of the interior and exterior of preforms and bottles.
 Either sterilizer has advantages reducing foot-print and cost by utilizing our compact electron beam emitters (ITB emitters and OTB emitters).

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