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Vacuum Equipment and Devices

Hitachi Zosen provides vacuum equipment and vacuum devices in the fields of FPD, semiconductors, electronic parts and solar batteries. We design and manufacture various types of vacuum equipment (such as evaporation machines and sputtering machines) for purposes raging from research and development to mass production. We propose the optimum machine for our customers, offering sample evaporation via each vacuum equipment or roll-to-roll machines.

Major products

Evaporation machines

These machines form a film via evaporation of organic material or metal. We supply many kinds of evaporation sources such as resistance heating, EB, and cells. We design and manufacture substrate-rotation machines as well as material-supply machines according to our customers' needs.

Sputtering machines

We offer magnetron sputters, facing-target sputters, and ion-beam sputters. We also have sputtering machines for sample evaporation.

  • Available sample films
    • Facing-target sputter: size of substrate 50mm x 50mm batch
    • Magnetron sputter size of substrate 100mm x 100mm batch

Roll-to-roll machines (film evaporation machines)

Compatible with sputter and vapor deposition systems, Hitachi Zosen roll-to-roll machines feature EB vapor deposition sources and high-efficiency sputter cathodes designed to suit a variety of different deposition sources.

Low-damage EB systems

Low-damage EB systems from Hitachi Zosen are designed for rapid deposition of inorganic materials onto a range of surfaces including organic thin film, flexible substrates and TFT substrates at low temperatures with minimal damage. The systems are also suitable for sample films.

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