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Slurry Ice Plants

Our slurry ice plants, which produce a mixture of fine ice particles and water from sea water, contribute to improving the freshness of products manufactured in the fisheries, agricultural and food processing fields and to streamlining the processing and transportation processes. 21 plants are currently in operation nationwide. Hitachi Zosen has contributed to rebuilding after the Great East Japan Earthquake by providing slurry ice systems on loan to promote reconstruction in the fishing industry.


Features of Slurry Ice

Slurry ice consists of spherical pieces of ice one millimeter in diameter with a consistency that allows them to flow like slurry. Slurry ice not only has superior cooling capabilities, but is also extremely easy to use in that it can be piped over distances. The features of the cooling characteristics of slurry ice are as follows:

  1. Swift cooling properties.
  2. Cools surrounded items in their entirety.
  3. Does not damage items being cooled.
  4. Maintains freshness for long periods of time.
  5. Allows heretofore impossible delivery of fresh produce to remote areas.

Features of the Slurry Ice Plant

  1. Less electricity is required in comparison with the manufacture of conventional ice-cubes, and refrigerators are not required for storage.
  2. The entire contents easily flow out after the manufacturing process, which eradicates the problem of root ice.
  3. The ice flows through pipes like water, which enables high levels of hygiene to be maintained.
  4. The manufacturing process is simple and can be performed by anyone, and there is no heavy lifting involved in handling blocks of ice.
  5. Required amounts can be produced at any time, so the waste generated through discarding unwanted ice does not arise.
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