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Steel Stacks

Based on the design, manufacturing, and building technologies we acquired through our experience in building ships, bridges, water gates, and ocean structures, since 1955 we have recorded building more than 200 steel stacks in Japan and overseas and contributed to creating social infrastructure. In addition to new installations of ultra-tall stacks reaching around 200 meters and stacks incorporating an earthquake-proof system, we can respond to customers requirements with our total engineering capabilities from design to onsite construction including repairs, reinforcing works, and diagnosis of earthquake-proof performance of existing facilities that are growing in number these days.

Major products

Ultra-tall stacks

The typical design of an ultra-tall stack is a pylon-supported stack in which the steel stack body is supported by a pylon. The pylons also serve as scaffolding for maintenance purposes, thus reducing ongoing operating costs. In the building method, which we developed before other companies, we use the jack-up method, which enables the welding of stack bodies on the ground.

Scenic stacks

Recently when stacks are to be installed in the suburb of a town, it is indispensable to build a stack that fits in with the surrounding scenery. Hitachi Zosen proposes, in addition to conventional stacks, a new stack design that has both economical efficiency and esthetic features such as our super-membrane stacks.

Repairs and reinforcements

Due to our advanced technologies and abundant experience acquired through designing and manufacturing, we are involved in the repair and reinforcement business for existing stacks. In some cases, stacks can be reinforced while in operation. Hitachi Zosen provides a comprehensive range of engineering solutions from design through to in-situ installation to suit a variety of refurbishment and reinforcement requirements, particularly seismic reinforcement of existing stacks, where demand has been rising in recent years.

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