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Process Equipment

Reactor made from chrome molybdenum steel for
the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Hitachi Zosen is a leading manufacturer of pressure vessels and heat exchangers for refineries, petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, and industrial plants such as seawater desalination plants and pulp plants. We contribute to meeting the ever-increasing demand for world energy by supplying reactors to the Refinery Upgrading Project, which produces gasoline and diesel oil from heavy crude oil sand projects and gas-to-liquid projects and among others. In addition, we contribute to securing food and water for growing populations in developing countries by supplying equipment to fertilizer plants and desalination plants.
On March 21, 2012, Hitachi Zosen has started ISGEC Hitachi Zosen Limited through joint funding with ISGEC Heavy Engineering Limited (ISGEC Ltd.), a major Indian manufacturer of process equipment.
With transferring the expertise of our Ariake Works in Japan to this joint venture and accelerating our sales promotion through the sales-network of ISGEC Ltd. for valuable customers in India, we believe firmly to expand the business field in the Indian market and to satisfy our customers.
Moreover, we are confident of supplying high quality process equipment from this joint venture with competitive price to world market as well.

Major products

Pressure vessels

We manufacture desulfurization reactors, made from chrome molybdenum steel, which is our main product, along with CCR reactors, FCC reactors, ammonia converters, and other items.
Furthermore, we are one of the leading manufacturers of plate construction reactors with vanadium-enhanced chrome molybdenum steel. We are proud of our prominent welding techniques and process technologies that enables us to deliver high-quality reactors within a reasonable time frame.

Desulfurization reactor for the Kingdom of Bahrain

Heat exchangers

The first Hitachi Zosen heat exchanger was produced in 1949. Since then, we have supplied over 13,000 heat exchangers to production plants around the world, including high-pressure heat exchangers designed for specific applications such as oil refining and fertilizer production as well as large-scale heat exchangers such as methanol reactors and EO/EG reactors.

Methanol converter for the Republic of Venezuela

Non-destructive testing (NDT) Services

We supply the phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) system to
tube-to-tubesheet welds of heat exchangers, and it is performed by the fully automatic scanning. Furthermore, we consider to customize our equipment to focus on the clients’ need to find defects (e.g. cracks and/or corrosion).
Click below to read about the outline of Hitz PAUT system.


We manufacture FT reactors, which are the key processors in gas-to-liquid plants. We also manufacture adsorbent tower internals for paraxylene plants, as well as towers, columns, drums, and mixing vessels for various kinds of process plants.

CTL reactor for the Republic of South Africa
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