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Marine diesel engines / SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system for marine engines

Hitachi Zosen offers a reliable system for producing large-scale marine diesel engines through all stages from design, manufacturing, and sales to after-sales service. Since we completed the first unit of a B&W (now MAN Energy Solutions) diesel engine in 1951, we have produced diesel engines with a total capacity of more than 30 million horsepower. We are the only manufacturer of electronically controlled marine diesel engines under licenses to both MAN Energy Solutions and Win GD in Japan. Having obtained ISO9001 quality control certification and using the technological advantages of holding both licenses, we carry out our business in response to diversifying customer needs and environmental regulations, which are becoming increasingly severe.

Major products

HITACHI - MAN B&W ME electronic control diesel engines

We completed Japan's first MAN B&W ME electronic control engine (model 6S50ME-C) in 2003, and Japan's first ME-B electronic control engine model 9S50ME-B in 2012. We have been supplying ME engines of various bore diameters to customers. As with the ME-C electronic control engine, the conventional cam and camshaft have been discontinued, and fuel injection and exhaust valve movement are powered by hydraulic force and controlled electronically, which enables combustion conditions to be controlled more accurately.

HITACHI - Win GD X·RT-flex electronic control diesel engine

We completed the Win GD electronic control diesel engine (model 6RT-flex50-B) in May of 2008. As with the MAN B&W ME electronic control diesel engine, the cam has been eliminated and fuel injection and exhaust valve movement are controlled electronically. A common rail system pressurized at 1,000 bars has been adopted for the fuel system to simplify the fuel injection system, which is the discerning feature of the Win GD X·RT-flex engine.

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system for marine engines

We have produced the world's first SCR system for marine diesel engines that is compliant with Tier III NOx emission standards. The system is adapted from proven denitrification technology for eliminating NOx from exhaust gases in land-based plants. The high-temperature, high-pressure system, which is installed prior to the turbocharger, boasts a compact design and generates minimal CO2 emissions.

* The Tier III NOx emission standards are a set of standards released by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) that require an 80% reduction in NOx emissions from operational marine vessels relative to Tier I standards by 2016.

Vessel fitted with SCR system, commissioned in 2011

Urea Dilution System

This equipment produces urea water, used as a reducing agent for SCR systems that scrub NOx (nitrogen oxide), from powdered urea and the distilled water obtained from shipboard water production equipment. The urea water storage tank is more compact, and can produce high-quality urea water at low cost on board, contributing to the stable elimination of nitrogen dioxide.

After-sales service

We provide excellent after-sales service by taking advantage of our advanced technology acquired through design and manufacture, and our vast experience. We control the huge amount of data produced by all our engines with computers and supply optimum parts. We provide the latest technical information on our website.

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