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Wind Farms

Renewable energy sources are seen as the key to reducing CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming, and wind power represents a promising and relatively inexpensive form of renewable energy. With wind power enjoying widespread support throughout the world, the wind power industry has experienced strong growth in recent years.
Hitachi Zosen is closely involved in the design, installation (including land preparation) and operation of major wind farms facilities.


  1. Wind farms that uses natural energy constitutes green power generation that contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.
  2. In addition to wind conditions, there are many other factors to consider when building a wind farms facility including connection to the main power grid, access roads for transporting equipment and materials, agreements with landowners and environmental impacts. Hitachi Zosen has considerable expertise in preliminary project analysis and facility planning for wind farm installations.
  3. One of the key issues with natural energy sources such as wind power is minimizing fluctuations in power output. Hitachi Zosen offers solutions such as hybrid systems that incorporate fuel cells and/or diesel generators to ensure consistency of supply, as well as full line-up of engines equipped with superior levels of load-following performance to enable low-load operations.

Delivery Record

Year completed Facilities Construction site
2001 640kW×1 Ito, Shizuoka
2006 1500kW×1 Hirokawa-cho, Wakayama
2007 2000kW×6 Higashidori village, Aomori
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