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Vegetable Oil-fired Biomass Power Plants

Producing fuel from waste and plant materials is seen as a promising solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is also an increasingly necessary solution as we seek to diversify our fuel sources in light of the impending exhaustion of underground resources as well as supply issues.

Hitachi Zosen has developed systems for converting waste household oils and vegetable oils into fuel that can be used directly in industrial diesel engines, an approach that significantly reduces both initial investment and ongoing production costs associated with biodiesel fuel (BDF) production.

Oil palm (left) and palm oil extracted from it (right)


  1. Wartsila diesel engines shown in the menu can accept certain types of plant oils and used cooking oils with minimal pre-processing (without BDF processing.) Since full BDF conversion is not required, this approach eliminates the glycerin that is a by-product of the BDF process.
  2. The methyl ester process developed by Hitachi Zosen can produce fuel without removing the unesterified fatty acids that cause putrefaction.


  • Waste household oils
  • Can be used to produce energy on remote islands from Jatropha and Elaeis (palm) oils (thus generating power at the point of consumption)

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