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O&M / IPP and After-sales Service

Hitachi Zosen provides a comprehensive O&M (operation and maintenance) service designed to ensure stable and consistent operation of power generator systems over many years.
The O&M service includes legally mandated inspection and testing by skilled engineers as well as technical support and emergency call-outs to system faults and remote operations monitoring.
Following liberalization of the power industry in 1995, Hitachi Zosen has also been involved in the IPP (power wholesaling) sector.

Ibaraki power station

Major businesses

Power generation and operation

The Hitachi Zosen Ibaraki works and power station, an IPP facility that supplies power to the Tokyo Electric Power Company, houses two combined cycle power generator systems featuring GE industrial mid-sized gas turbines and steam turbines with a combined power output of 219,000 kW.
Hitachi Zosen also operates three Wartsila diesel power generators (combined output 22,000 kW) at the facility on behalf of a power producer and supplier (PPS).

The Kawasaki power station (four gas engines with combined output of 29,000 kW) and Maizuru power station (five diesel engines with combined output of 35,000 kW) are both operated by Hitachi Zosen under PPS agreements.

No. 2 generator gas turbine major overhaul

Performance specifications

Ibaraki power station (IPP and PPS)
No. 1 generator: General Electric GT LM2500 (26,249 kW) x 1, commissioned 1995, decommissioned 2010
No. 2 generator: General Electric GT MS6001 (combined 106,500 kW) x 1, commissioned 1999
No. 3 generator: General Electric GT MS6001 (combined 1123500 kW) x 1, commissioned 2005
No. 4-6 generator: Wartsila DE 18V32 (7,300kW) x 3, commissioned 2001
Maizuru power station (PPS)
No. 1-5 generator: Wartsila DE 18V32 (7,050kW) x 5, commissioned 2002
Kawasaki power station (PPS)
No. 1-2 generator: Wartsila GE 18V34SG(6,000kW) x 2, commissioned 2003
No. 3-4 generator: Wartsila GE 20V34SG(8,730kW) x 2, commissioned 2008

After-sales service

Hitachi Zosen provides operation and maintenance support services for installed equipment and systems, as well as immediate engineer dispatch services in the event of equipment faults.

Converted jet engine gas turbines


COGENET® remote power generator monitoring system

COGENET® is a remote monitoring system launched in 2002 to provide ongoing monitoring of performance stability at power generator facilities along with preventative maintenance and rapid fault response procedures including fault tracing and remediation.

The Remote Monitoring and Operational Support Center was refurbished in 2011.


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