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Chemical Plants

Since 1956, when it became the first Japanese company to construct a plant overseas, Hitachi Zosen has been engaged in the construction of many chemical plants in Japan and overseas and established a solid reputation as a chemical plant engineering and construction company. Based on our experience and performance, we offer capabilities in designing sections for processes, various types of equipment and machines, piping, electrical items, instrumentation, items related to civil engineering and construction, procurement, quality control and construction work, to respond to the needs of various plant construction projects and to provide plants that are satisfactory to our customers.

SO2 production plant

Major products

Chemical production plants
(mainly cellulose acetate, PVC and methyl methacrylate)
Equipment: storage tanks for production supplies, reactor vessels, distillation columns, dryers, pneumatic transporters, product silos
Sulfuric acid production plants
Equipment: Sulfur burners, waste heat boilers, converters, absorption columns, drying towers, heat exchangers

Cellulose acetate production plant

Major records of delivery

plants Country Contract form Completed
Acetate tow production plant Japan EPC Under construction
SO2 production plant Japan EPC Under construction
Sulfuric acid production plant Japan EPC Under construction
BioHydrogen production plant Japan EPC 2011
MMA production plant Thailand EP 2009
Utility equipment in the refinery Japan EPC 2009
SO2 production plant Japan EPC 2009
Cellulose acetate production plant Japan EPC 2008
Acetate tow production plant Japan EPC 2007
Polyvinyl chloride production plant China EPC 2007
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