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Long-term Operations and Management (PFI/PPP)

In addition to its existing AOM(After service, Operation and Maintenance) business in solid waste incineration plants, the Hitachi Zosen Group is developing long-term business operations under contracts from regional governments that deal with everything from design and construction to operation, maintenance, and management.
Hitachi Zosen became involved in the PFI business in 1998, a year ahead of the 1999 Act on Promotion of Private Finance Initiative (PFI Act 1999).
Besides PFI, there are two other methods for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in incineration plants. These are the DBO method, where the private sector does everything from design and construction to operation, maintenance, and management of facilities on its own, and ownership and funding is public, and the Long-term Operational Project method, where operation, maintenance, and management is contracted to private companies for the long term. For both these methods, the Hitachi Zosen Group has the technical abilities and knowhow to handle operation businesses, from design and construction to operation, maintenance, and management and even fundraising.

Track Record

Long-term business operations 24 cases

(As of September 2012)


Total Operation and Management System

The operational management system is designed to optimize waste processing operations and overall reliability (safety, security and stability) of solid waste incineration plants. Equipment operating data, maintenance and repair reports, ITV and web camera images and other data are collected and analyzed for use in designing optimized operation and maintenance procedures designed to minimize faults and failures.

Remote monitoring and operation support center

The remote monitoring and operation support center acts as the core for the operational management system, providing 24-hour technical support in the form of operational assistance and optimization, troubleshooting and maintenance and repair consulting on facilities operated by the Hitachi Zosen group.
The center also acts as an information processing facility, gathering equipment operating data and management reports and dispatching design engineers to provide on-site assistance, while also incorporating information about facility operation into the development of solutions designed to prolong the life of existing facilities and into future facility design and construction.

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