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AOM Business (After-sales Service, Operation and Maintenance)

Hitachi Zosen has delivered many refuse incineration facilities and recycling facilities. In order to carry out and continue the safe and reliable operation of these facilities, we have been providing after-sales service, covering the maintenance, repair, and improvement of these facilities' operation control businesses as well as chemical supply businesses. At present, we hold after-sales service contracts with more than 200 refuse incineration facilities and recycling facilities, and operation control contracts with more than 70 facilities. We provide meticulous and careful service using skilled engineers and operation control by experienced operators so that these facilities and equipment can always deliver maximum performance.

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Technology for prolonging use and extending life

These days, against a backdrop of difficult financial conditions for municipal governments and a new social need for reducing environmental impact to alleviate global warming, there is an increasing need to use facilities for longer and extend their life by renovating them using the latest technologies, rather than just conducting conventional maintenance and repairs to keep them functioning. Hitachi Zosen is addressing the challenge of using facilities for longer and extending their life by trying to refurbish them into facilities that realize the basic concept of longer-lasting and more reliable, economical, environmentally friendly, and energy-conscious installations that contribute to the creation of a recycling-oriented society.


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